Tech Today June 1, 2019 – Video

Tech Today June 1, 2019 - Video

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This is CNET and here are the stories that matter today.
Apple has actually lastly upgraded the iPod Touch, consisting of with it an A10 Fusion chip to increase gameplay and to provide immersive AR experiences.
It’s the exact same chip that was utilized in the 2018 iPad.
Available in a range of colors.
The brand-new iPod Touch is out now beginning at simply $200 for the 32 gigabyte design, and approximately $400 for the 256 gigabyte variation.
Microsoft revealed it is bringing Xbox video game past to PCs.
Xbox video game past is a Netflix like service.
The video games and likewise offered from Microsoft’s console, the Xbox One.
Game pass for PC will provide over a hundred video games for more than 75 content partners.
Microsoft prepares to provide information like video game titles and when the servers will go live at E3, which is the video gaming conference beginning on June 9th.
And lastly, In flight WiFi supplier Gogo prepares to introduce a 5G network for organization and industrial airplanes in 2021.
5G can run in between 10 and 100 times faster than your normal cellular connection today.
What does that mean for customers?
Well it must bring high quality video and audio streaming when you’re on a flight.
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