Smartwatches to rule almost half of wearables market by 2022, states IDC


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Sarah Tew/ CNET.

Smartwatches might be having their minute, however standard wearables like step-counting wristbands have not yet lacked time.

So states market scientist IDC, which forecasted on Thursday that deliveries of smartwatches will almost double by 2022, clocking in at 94.3 million systems. That’s almost half the overall variety of wearables to be delivered the very same year, which IDC states must be 190.4 million.

“The shift from basic wearables to smartwatches is well on its way,” Jitesh Ubrani, senior research study expert at IDC, stated in a release. Still, physical fitness bands will have their location as a more affordable, easier alternative, and sometimes they’ll intensify their offerings.

“We also expect these devices will bring a more smartwatch-like experiences to the table,” Ramon Llamas, research study director for IDC’s Wearables group, stated in the release. “Meanwhile, clothing and earwear will post market-beating growth with use cases that go well beyond their primary functions.”

Earwear deliveries will grow 6 times, to 12.3 million, by 2022, making earwear the fastest-growing kind of wearable, IDC stated. Experts forecast that functions like wise assistants, physical fitness tracking and real-time language translation will be contributed to earwear.

The Apple Watch must continue to top the wearables market, though its market share will reduce by approximately 10 percent, IDC stated. Android- driven devices will end up in 2nd location.