The Masked Dancer’s Hammerhead Speaks and Teases Upcoming Drama – E! Online

The Masked Dancer's Hammerhead Speaks and Teases Upcoming Drama - E! Online

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There’s no dancing far from the Jersey Shore drama.

On the Jan. 27 episode of The Masked Dancer, audiences found out that the male behind the Hammerhead outfit is none besides Vinny Guadagnino. While his experience on the Fox series might have actually concerned an end, his holiday in Las Vegas with the Jersey Shore team is simply starting. 

In the weeks to come, fans will enjoy Jenni “JWoww” Farley show up and attempt to settle her drama with Angelina Pivarnick after that notorious wedding event speech. So what should fans get ready for?

“I would say we had a lot of, obviously this long anticipated drama, and it needed some type of resolution,” Vinny solely teased to E! News. “Even when Jenni gets there, I can’t act like it’s an easy resolution.” 

He included, “We needed to contact the huge pets. We required expert aid. You can really see Dr. Drew Pinsky in the Jersey Shore sneak peeks. That’s just how much aid we required to fix this concern. Let’s simply state it gets exercised in a remarkable method.”

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