The secret strategy to eliminate Escobar’s drug hippos|World News

    Photo shows Pablo Escobar's hippos, undated. Colombia plans to kill part of them. (Newsflash)

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    The ‘cocaine hippos’ have actually positioned an issue for Colombia (Picture: Newsflash)

    A wildlife professional has actually implicated authorities accountable for drug lord Pablo Escobar’s personal zoo of hippos of covertly preparing to eliminate the animals.

    The hippos reproduced in the wild after leaving the drug kingpin’s Colombian estate when he was shot dead in a cops raid in 1993.

    Since then, Colombia has actually had a hard time to discover a method to handle the ever-growing herd, which have actually continued to ravage regional plants and animals.

    Officials was because of ship 74 of the so-called drug hippos to wildlife sanctuaries in Mexico, India and Peru, however a year later on the animals have actually still not been sent out.

    Now Mexico’s Ostok Sanctuary director Ernesto Zazueta has actually implicated Colombia’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of outlining ‘ethical euthanasia’.

    He claims, according to regional media, that they are postponing the transfer so they can eliminate the entire herd of 179 and be rid of the issue permanently.

    The lake near Hacienda Napoles, Colombia, where Jhon Aristides Saldarriaga Marquez, 31, was attacked by a hippo, on 31st October. (Newsflash)

    Many of the hippos reside in Hacienda Napoles, Colombia (Picture: Newsflash)

    He stated: ‘We have all the documents, we have actually abided by whatever, however there is merely no political will to make the relocation.

    ‘They deserve to live, we have done everything possible and we are not going to rest until we achieve it.’

    Zazueta stated: ‘I truly are sorry for that the procedure is stagnating forward, a year is a very long time and although we comprehend that some effective castrations have actually been done, it is insufficient to stop the issue.

    ‘Such a variety of animals replicate quickly, the environment and all its animals and plants continue to weaken. Of course we stay ready and with all the treatments and logistics really advanced.

    ‘We not only represent the Ostok Sanctuary in Mexico but Greens Zoological Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in India and Peru.’

    In November 2023, the Colombian Environment Minister, Susana Muhamad, formally revealed that the hippo nest would be moved.

    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Sipa Press/REX/Shutterstock (218260c) PABLO ESCOBAR TOP 20 WARLORDS OF THE WORLD

    Escobar purchased the hippos for his luxurious estate in the 1990 s (Picture: Shutterstock)

    One regional discussed their worries over the animals, informing Fox News: ‘They’ re really, really unsafe. The hippos have actually begun to assault individuals.’

    Others have actually branded the monsters as ‘aggressive’ and ‘unpredictable’, and stated they ‘hide’ if they encounter a member of the herd.

    Environmental minister Muhamad formerly informed the New York Times: ‘We are in a race against time in terms of permanent environmental and ecosystem impacts’.

    The ecological authorities have actually stated 2 male hippos and one female went through surgical sanitation in November, as part of a bigger federal government effort to manage the without supervision mammals that wander complimentary in rivers.

    Last year among his hippos was eliminated as it crossed the roadway and was struck by a Renault Duster.

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