Twitter to introduce encrypted direct messages, video chat

Twitter to launch encrypted direct messages, video chat

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed modifications to the platform’s direct messages include consisting of the intro of file encryption.

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Twitter might introduce encrypted direct messages on Wednesday, Elon Musk stated, as the CEO laid out strategies to enhance interaction functions on the social networks service.

Musk stated in a tweet late Tuesday that the most recent variation of the Twitter app consists of modifications to direct messages or DMs– non-public messages users send out to one another.

The CEO stated that users can now respond to any message in a DM thread, not simply the most current, along with utilize any emoji to respond to a message. Previously, users would just have the ability to respond to the most recent message in a DM thread and just respond with particular emojis.

Musk likewise revealed that encrypted DMs “should” be launched on Wednesday.

Encryption in messages indicates that just the sender and receiver have the ability to see a message. In theory, Twitter and Musk would not have the ability to see or obstruct direct messages in between individuals.

“The acid test is that I could not see your DMs even if there was a gun to my head,” Musk tweeted.

Facebook moms and dad Meta stated in January that it was broadening screening for default end-to-end file encryption for its Messenger service. WhatsApp, the other messaging app owned by Meta, has actually had end-to-end file encryption for a number of years.

Encrypted messaging services have actually grown in appeal in the previous couple of years as users focus more on personal privacy.

Musk likewise stated that voice and video calls will be included quickly to Twitter so users can “talk to people anywhere in the world” without providing a telephone number.

Since Twitter’s creation, the advancement of the direct messages include hasn’t got much attention from previous CEOs. But Musk has actually indicated many times his intent to make Twitter into an “everything app” from messaging to monetary services.

New Twitter functions Musk pledges are not constantly presented on time. In February, he stated Twitter would present a function to share marketing earnings with developers on the platform. That hasn’t took place yet.