Watch Max Face Off With New Amsterdam’s Sinister New Director

Watch Max Face Off With New Amsterdam's Sinister New Director

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New Amsterdam fans, prepare yourselves for a face-off.

In this unique preview at Tuesday,Oct 12’s brand new episode, Max takes on with the medical facility’s brand-new medical director,Dr Fuentes. She makes her objective generously clear, and sadly for Max, it does not line up with his– or anybody’s, so long as they’re figured out to focus on clients over revenues.

“If money is all you care about, why don’t you just turn New Amsterdam into a private hospital and shut the doors on anyone who can’t pay enough to live?” Max asksDr Fuentes in the clip.

“I will take that under consideration,” she snaps back, more infuriating Max by exposing she prepares to offer a neighboring park to a “huge corporation.”

Surely, a few of those revenues will benefit clients, research study, or brand-new centers, right?

Not according toDr Fuentes. Even when Max threatens that he will not validate her proposition, she declines to pull back.

“I’m gonna wait you out and then I’m gonna undo every bloated program, every underfunded clinic and everything that you’ve built on very shaky ground,”Dr Fuentes states. “It’s coming down.”

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