Why Margot Robbie Didn’ t Actually Audition for Barbie Role

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Margot Robbie seemed like a life in plastic was perfect for her.

So, when it pertained to casting the function of the titular doll in Barbie, Margot, who likewise acted as a co-producer on the movie, stepped up for the function.

“I didn’t actually audition for the role of Barbie,” Margot informed Teen Vogue in a video interview released July24 “I produced the film, so I guess I cast myself.”

However, Margot discussed she made it “very clear” to Barbie‘s director Greta Gerwig that the filmmaker had imaginative control over who would land the function.

“I said to her when she said, ‘Yes, I’ll come on board,’ ‘I don’t have to be in the movie,'” Margot continued. “I’m very passionate about making this as a producer, but I don’t have to play Barbie or be in the movie in any capacity, I’m happy just to produce.”

Greta, however, currently had a wonderful vision in mind. “And she was like, ‘No, I really wanna write this for you,'” Margot remembered. “And she wrote me an amazing part, so I’m very grateful.”