Who Is Lilly Jay? Everything You Need to Know About Ethan Slater’s Ex

Who Is Lilly Jay? Everything You Need to Know About Ethan Slater's Ex

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Do Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater have kids?

Lilly and Ethan invited their very first kid together in2022 This past January, the Tony candidate shared an image of a Wicked– themed baby onesie on Instagram, commenting, “Super vague post, but we have a baby now.” He exposed they had an infant kid in a Mother’s Day homage to Lilly a couple of months later on.

“To the most loving caring and wonderful mom/person in the world,” Ethan composed to Lilly together with an image of himself and their newborn boy, “from me and this little guy.”

What is Lilly Jay’s task?

Lilly is a psychology laboratory assistant and medical psychology extern, according to The Daily Mail

In addition, she is an anti-sexual attack supporter and has actually composed a number of posts about her experience as a survivor. In 2014, she assisted launch then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden‘s It’s On Us project, which raises awareness about sexual attack and motivates spectators to step in.

“Allies do more than prevent future assaults; they help carry the heavy truth that colleges are not safe, but they can and should be,” she composed in a 2014 piece forBust “Only nonsurvivors can ensure that when we look back, we can say that compassion, not trauma, changed the world.”